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Wyoming Dept.of Health & FREE condoms

Posted over 2 years ago by Michelle Cordova

The Wyoming Department of Health Communicable Disease Unit just launched a new program that was created with adolescents in mind. While we have an extensive condom distribution network around the state, very few of our free condom dispensers are located in businesses adolescents can access.

Residents of Wyoming can now order condoms online for free through at

Each mailer arrives in a discrete package containing 10 condoms, 10 packets of lube, and information on where to get low or no-cost HIV, STD, and Hepatitis testing throughout the state. Please keep this in mind as a resource for your students and as a workaround in schools that prohibit keeping condoms on campus to hand out.

You are also welcome to order condoms and other prevention materials from our program using the 'CDU Supply Button' at the top of our home page:

Thank you!



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