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American Red Cross training for schools

Posted 9 days ago by Michelle Cordova

Many schools in Wyoming, and across the country, are facing the elimination of their CPR training programs due to the AHA mandate that requires the use of feedback manikins. These manikins are expensive and most school budgets just don’t have the funds to buy them. I want to make sure your members know:

  1. The American Red Cross does NOT require the use of feedback manikins. While we recommend their use, and offer Big Red LED feedback manikins, we recognize that requiring their use creates an unnecessary financial burden on many schools and training organizations.
  2. Instructors can convert their certifications to the American Red Cross at NO CHARGE.
  3. We offer many programs and special pricing for schools, including CPR, First Aid, Babysitting Training and more.

Would you please let your members know that the American Red Cross is eager to work with them to preserve CPR education in WY schools?

I would like to discuss how the American Red Cross may partner with the WSNA to support and enhance school CPR training programs statewide, and preserve school budgets.

 Thank you and Happy New Year,

Jen Kirkham

American Red Cross

Regional Health & Safety Manager



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