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Immunization Status Report: DUE by TOMORROW

Posted about 1 month ago by Michelle Cordova

This email went out to all of the Principals in the State to remind them that the Immunization Status Report is due on November 1. Remember that all portions (Sections A & C if no kindergarten and Sections A,B &C if there is a kindergarten) need to be completed to be considered "complete."

This information is complied and sent to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention). Please direct any questions to Natalie Holbert (info below). She is more than willing to assist you in completing this information.

School Principals,

This email is to remind you of the upcoming deadline to submit the 2018-2019 Immunization Status Report for Schools. The Immunization Status Report, under Wyo. Stat. Ann. ยง 21-4-309, requires school administrators to complete an audit of the immunization status of students enrolled in public and private schools. The deadline to submit the Report is November 1, 2018.

If you have already completed the Report and received confirmation of completion from the Immunization Unit, please disregard this email.

For instructions and guidance, please visit the Immunization Unit website at The Immunization Status Report web page contains all information needed to complete the Report.

We have included school nurses and school immunization contacts on this communication. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions you may have or forward this email as needed.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Natalie Holbert
School and Child Care Coordinator
Wyoming Department of Health
Immunization Unit, Public Health Division
P. (307)777-7481


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