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Posted 10 months ago by Brenda Wrede

Hannah Herold
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Email is best, but if by phone: Mon-Fri, 8-5
The Wyoming Chronic Disease Prevention Program is working with Platte County School District #1 to host a wellness summit, titled "Wellness the Whole Way." The summit will take place in Wheatland on Friday June 1, 2018. The summit is based around the Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community (WSCC) Model. The WSCC Model encompasses 10 aspects of school health that together provide a collaborative approach to school health involving teachers, administrators, health professionals, families, and community members.
The summit is made up of a variety of breakout sessions, with each session focusing on one or two of the components of WSCC. We are looking for a school nurse who might be interested in presenting a session tied to the Health Services component of WSCC.
The Health Services component of WSCC encompasses the following:
School health services intervene with actual and potential health problems, including providing first aid, emergency care and assessment and planning for the management of chronic conditions (such as asthma or diabetes). In addition, wellness promotion, preventive services and staff, student and parent education complement the provision of care coordination services. These services are also designed to ensure access and/or referrals to the medical home or private healthcare provider. Health services connect school staff, students, families, community and healthcare providers to promote the health care of students and a healthy and safe school environment. School health services actively collaborate with school and community support services to increase the ability of students and families to adapt to health and social stressors, such as chronic health conditions or social and economic barriers to health, and to be able to manage these stressors and advocate for their own health and learning needs. Qualified professionals such as school nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, health educators, physicians, physician assistants and allied health personnel provide these services.
Can you recommend a speaker who would be a good person to contact for this presentation? We're hoping to find a school nurse who can talk about how WSCC ties into their role in schools. Other than that, the presentation is flexible.
Thanks for your help!